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Multi-PCB/Cable Assembly

Cryo-refrigeration Industry

Project description:
At Elmgrove Technologies, we provide PCBs and complex assemblies for customers in a broad range of industries. In this project, we helped a cryo-refrigeration industry customer with the manufacturing of five separate assemblies consisting of 1200 finished units. Known as the “245 Project,” it highlights our ability to deliver a diverse array of manufacturing services, both economically and with unmatched quality and consistency.

The PCBs consisted of mixed technology boards, which were composed of a RoHS-compliant FR4 material and assembled with SMT and TH technology with hand and automated processes. This was all provided in-house, including potting and encapsulation. Through our strategic partners, we sourced precision machining of custom heat sinks and stand-offs, as well as fully-assembled wiring harnesses.

While two of the assemblies were standalone units, others in the group were mounted together using connectors and PEMs, forming a single functional unit. One of the assemblies consisted of 4 smaller boards mounted to a custom machined aluminum block and wired to a cable connector. Each unit was assembled with stringent quality control procedures, using J-STD-001 assembly and IPC-A-610 Class II inspection standards.

Not only was our customer extremely pleased with the results, but we were able to perform a large volume of electromechanical services, custom production runs, and on-time delivery for a project of this complexity, all with a 120 day turnaround time. For more information on our work with multiple PCB assemblies, please contact us or refer to the table below.


Project Name

245 Project

Project Description

5 different assemblies –

  • PCBs consisted of mixed technology boards
  • RoHS compliant FR4 material
  • Assembled with SMT & TH technology
Capabilities Applied/Processes


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Mixed Technology, TH and SMT, hand and automated processes, custom machined heatsinks and standoffs, wiring and cable assembly, potting and encapsulation.

Overall Part Dimensions

Material Thickness: 0.062
Product Length: 5.0
Product Width: 6.0

Material Used


Material Finish


Industry for Use

Cryogenics/Cryo-refrigeration , Liquid Helium/Nitrogen Management



Delivery/Turnaround Time

120 days

Standards Met

Assembled to J-STD-001 and inspected to IPC-A-610 Class II. Cables built to IPC-A-620 standards.

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